Red heavy rain  

Red heavy rain
silver glow go through your skin
Wine stains your bed
saved your eye to see the blade
Throat choked in gore
breathing hard you need more air
dirty floor
I need more
murky walls splattered with flesh, with hair, with brain

Burn fire burn
sickening smell in the air
scalds in your flesh
heat will rise 'til bones will melt
ash in your face
ember body is where they came
mustard gas
in your veins
burning fuse your tongue, your mouth, your nose, your head

Bone after bone
cracking sounds will blow you off
shreds of your flesh
rip your skin with your own skull
grab what is left
bag of broken parts of waste
wish your death
wait not yet
I will play this game as long as I feel this thirst

Come down

Come down

come back
drill your soul
wake up
be mine

Nails on the floor

on your knees don't plead in vain
nails off your hands
only started this torment
beg without voice
your sewed mouth will soon be torn
wait for more
never stop
will go on go on go on on and on (or, will go on and on and on and on and on)


Lyrics by Cristian Busamia