Interminably, my love
Lyrics by Cristian Busamia

Me in the eternity
Dream for too long
(Come rescue me)
Be like a fairy
(I need to feel that you are there for me)
All, I will give to you

Wizard unchain me
She needs my soul
(I offer me, take me)
Breath her my spirit
(I'm gonna bleed out to make you breath)
Love, I belong to you

Powers of the Moon and Sun
Give her my heart
Come with a lightning strike
Send me to oblivion

Sleep... no posterity
Shades of no worlds
(I still can feel)
Obscure sanctuary
(All the same feelings you sprout in me)
Peace, I did this for you

Powers of the universe
Send her my light
Darkness within my heart
I'll jump in the black hole

Wandering in the Hades of the lost
I gave all I had
Eases the deepest dark
Your flame still inside, 
My love